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Rich DraperRich Draper was born and raised in the frozen wastes of Canada, just outside of Toronto. Growing up, Rich was constantly drawing cartoons and creating characters, filling up the margins of notebooks while in school. Never thinking this would be a possible career; Rich went off to university to continue his education.

After graduating with a degree in Art History, he realized it would be much more fun to draw cartoons and make films, so Rich went to Sheridan College for Animation. This was indeed the right choice and after learning from some of the best, Rich has since worked on a wide variety of projects, including feature films, games and commercials.

During the past twenty years, he has worked as an animator, director, character designer, storyboard artist and illustrator, as well as taking the time to create a short animated film.

Rich has worked in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and Atlanta, where he now lives with his wife Valerie and their two daughters. To contact Rich, please email: or call: 404-849-8216

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